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Nexus GRID


Flexibility is at the centre of the Nexus Grid design. With five types of finishes and four different profiles, the range is designed to suit any domestic, commercial or industrial setting and to be easy to install

Fitted using a cantilever module to frame, interchangeable rockers and with no visible plastic around the switch, this range combines a high-quality finish with a quick and easy installation. Plus, you can build your own modular configuration, ensuring you get the right performance and aesthetic you require


Captive, backed out terminal screws for fast installation

Simple secure 'locate and clip' fitting to frame

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More reliable with low power consumption

Will not fade or flicker over time


Replacement Rockers available in all finishes

Easy to fit on standard Grid switch modules





Nexus Metal, Nexus Moulded, Screwless Flat Plate, Metal Clad and Part M Front Plates. No visible plastic around rockers

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White modules and faceplates made from anti-bacterial Urea

Brushed Steel finishes with anti-fingerprint lacquer

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White Moulded Grid modules and face plates with certified anti-microbial protection

With so many bacterial and virus outbreaks affecting our health in recent times, anti-microbial protection as standard offers additional peace of mind for home, leisure, health, and commercial environments

Our anti-microbial white moulded products promote a healthy environment by facilitating up to 99% reduction in microbial development on touchpoint surfaces

Manufactured using high-grade thermoset Urea which effectively inhibits the growth of infectious diseases, including MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, and Klebsiella Pneumonia bacteria

  • Provides protection from microbial residue that can be transmitted from humans, animals, and insects

  • Highly resistant to fading, discoloration, and scratches

  • Designed with clean edges and screw cover caps to prevent dust collection

  • Independently tested by SGS



A versatile, modular system, suitable for a wide range of applications
Easy to swap modules in/out, for versatility in configuration

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