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BG Populated Consumer Unit




The Fortress circuit protection range from BG is about to launch its most extensive upgrade yet, with the latest improvements dovetailing the new guidelines around the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, Amendment 2

These improvements have been made with the help of trusted installers working with our product development experts to help meet these regulation changes, with the aim of helping the installer complete their installations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Structural & Ergonomic Redesign improving device strength, rigidity & ensuring a secure fit

Additional Strengthening Ribs

The new lid has been redesigned to add to strength and rigidity whilst ensuring an accurate and secure fit with the base. The base itself has also been beefed up, additional strengthening ribs on the top and bottom faces, ensure the base is rock solid when being secured.


Aperture Recut for Improved Fit

A step-down aperture has been added to improve the fit around the devices and blanks, when fitting the cover. What is more, a new and convenient lid retainer (available from September) allows the lid to be held open. This simple solution is a significant change when finishing an install, or checking the board, leaving both hands free to access the devices.

BG Fortress Consumer Unit
BG Fortress Knockouts

Improved Knockouts
for optimised cable management & faster installations

Optimised Positioning

Based on feedback, knockout positions have been realigned on the top and bottom of the base. Why is this better? This change enables the incoming wires to be in line with the offset incomer, making installation easier and termination of the cables more straightforward. This helps to minimise stress on the cable, termination DIN rail, and devices.


Reduced contact points

Making removal easier and protecting the board against damage during this process. For our recessed variants, we have added additional knockouts to the rear.



  • NEW Improved Knockouts reducing contact points for easier knock-out, improved positioning for easier installation and optimised cable entry and management


  • NEW Structural Redesign for improving strength upon installation, flush-fitting & secured lid placement


  • NEW Redesigned Blank Cover Plates, offering a more rigid and improved fit, including a slim blank ensuring IP2XC rating Simply twist and slide in place securely

  • NEW Improved Connections the cable pin terminal has been removed from the internal neutral connections, improving the connection with the terminal block - providing a more even terminal torque and greater surface area


  • NEW Type-A RCD's and RCBO's available loose and included in Populated Consumer Units

  • NEW Lid Retainer to help secure open lid for quick access to devices, and removal/replacement of the front cover, leaving both hands free, for tools and checking the devices

  • 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, Amendment 2 compliant

  • Accurate, Integral Spirit level and tripod fixing points for quick installation

  • Combi style screws mean one screwdriver when installing

  • Quick-release raised DIN rail makes first fix faster and allows space for cables to pass below

  • Backed-out captive terminal screws prevent hardware loss and save time

  • Offset incomer provides additional space for main incoming cables


  • Larger screws improve cable retention, enabling greater torque on ferruled cables

  • Longer terminal bars for more capacity and greater flexibility

  • Floating busbar provides maximum installation flexibility

  • Trim supplied to protect cables from sharp-edged knockouts


Paul Appleby, Product Manager for BG Electrical, details the latest product developments and upgrades to our range of Fortress Consumer Units

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Arc Fault Detection
& Amendment 2

Amendment 2 and updates to AFDD useage

The main change is around regulation 421.1.7, which we believe will result in Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) being mandated in specific installations and recommended in others and as such will become more used to future-proof installations due to ever-evolving processes, manufacturing processes and power demand within dwellings.

Our range of Fortress devices has been extended with AFDDs. Combined with our existing Surge Protection and A Type RCD and RCBOs, everything a contractor needs to meet the new regulations has been covered. Additionally, all devices in the Fortress range are forward and backward-compatible with our new and existing consumer units.

BG Arc Fault Detection Device


consumer unit


Consumer Units

  • Full range of populated SPD boards including 100A Main Switch boards, Main Switch + RCBO, RCD Incomer and more

  • Dual RCD fitted boards in 6, 10, 13, & 16 Way options available

  • RCBO fitted boards fitted in, 6, 10, 13 & 16 ways available



  • Type A Combined AFDD & RCBO device

  • Available in 6A – 40A B Curve

  • Single Module, Tall Body

  • 6kA breaking capacity

  • LED operation/fault indicator

afdd BG


BG SPD Devices
  • Type 2 Single Phase Surge Arrester

  • Can be fitted on DIN rail directly into the consumer unit

  • IP20 protection degree

  • Response time < 25ns

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