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ErP Packaging Regulations


The NEW ErP and SLR Regulations
& Why They Were Introduced


Last September (September 2021 in EU & October 2021 in UK) two new regulations have been introduced which have led to changes in the lighting industry.

-    Single Lighting Regulation (SLR) Eco Design EU 2019/2020

-    Energy Label Regulation (ELR) Energy Label EU 2019/2015 

The Single Lighting Regulation, referred to as SLR, providing ecodesign requirements for light sources and separate control gears merges and repeals three previous regulations into a single document negating the need to consider three separate documents when looking to achieve compliance. Energy efficiency, will be evaluated only for the light source.

The ELR pertains to light sources, which includes lamps, modules, and even some containing products (there is no energy label requirement for luminaires). The requirements apply to all products in the European and UK market and for all manufacturers to provide more information about its energy performance and functional parameters.

With more and more products achieving ratings as A+, A++ or A+++ according to the current scale, the most important change is to return to a simpler A-G scale. This scale is stricter and designed so that very few products are initially able to achieve the “A” rating, leaving space for more efficient products to be included in the future. The most energy efficient products currently on the market will typically now be labelled as “B”, “C” or “D”.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 09.20.39.png

Additionally, all labels are required to contain a QR code to a digital database for new energy-efficient products, so that all new products placed on the EU market are registered on an online EPREL database. Ensuring greater transparency and simplicity for both suppliers and customers.


This will improve understanding and coherence, thus facilitating consumers to correctly identify the most efficient products, protect the environment as well as enhance product sustainability and efficiency.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 09.25.54.png

The new energy label will come into effect from 1 September for the EU and 1 October for the UK.


The energy efficiency of light sources is now calculated differently, with new Lumens per Watt parameters for each

energy class.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 11.19.20.png

Based on the energy efficiency achieved, each light source will now be given a new classification between A and G and a new label.


A transition period will be held until March 1, 2023, whilst the old label format is phased out.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 11.19.31.png

Note: This regulation does not require every light source to be replaceable.


All light sources with the exception of a few products (e.g. special lamps for medical applications).


A light source is an electrically operated product that emits white light. This may be a lamp, a module or a luminaire with fully integrated components. Luminaires may be a light source when containg one or more light sources  or separate control gears, or both. It must be possible for the light source to be removed without permanent damage using commonly available tools.

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