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School plays an important role in providing children with knowledge, skills and confidence to shape their future. So, to ensure they get the best out of every lesson, it is important to provide the best environment. It is widely recognised that good lighting positively influences learning, delivering better results and impacts rate of learning.


It is important that lighting is considered within the overall design process and should meet the needs of flexible learning spaces. Rising energy prices and the pressure to reduce CO² are high on the school agenda.


As educational establishments confront current austerity and budget limitations, it is important to understand that inefficient lighting can account for 50 to 70% of the electricity bill.


Making the right luminaire choices can reduce existing operating costs by as much as 80%.LED lighting can deliver huge savings ... not only does it deliver good lighting, they also cost less to run, last much longer and require no maintenance over the lifetime of the luminaire.

Luceco Group, a leading provider of electrical devices, is dedicated to achieving net zero and tackling climate change through innovative products and collaboration with experts and consumers in the electrotechnical industry.

The group are building a leading portfolio of sustainably designed products that provide environmentally responsible electrical and lighting solutions for its customers.

Illuminating Net Zero Ambitions

Luceco’s customers are increasingly coming to them with sustainability goals including net zero carbon and zero energy buildings targets.


By conducting a lighting audit, Luceco can make recommendations for a new design of fixtures and controls that reduces energy consumption whilst improving the quality of life for the people who live and work in them.

LED lights typically produce useful light at least 15 times longer and consume up to 80% less energy than their conventional counterparts.

The longer life of LEDs produces savings throughout the product life cycle.
This includes savings on materials, installation costs (as systems will run for 10 years or more) and maintenance and replacement costs

Lighting controls are an integral part of any installation. These controls help the user to automate the lighting experience. They also allow for granular control over lighting levels, such as daylight dimming, which can lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption

There are already significant energy cost savings with LED ... and with additional lighting controls, even more efficiencies can be made

Investment to shield schools from high energy bills and boost to budgets
£500m for energy efficiency upgrades in schools and colleges, and extra £2bn for schools next year to be split between mainstream schools and high needs.

Schools and colleges in England will be allocated a share of £500 million to spend on energy efficiency upgrades, helping to save on bills during the winter months and manage energy consumption. This will not only help them save money, but it will make them more energy efficient during the cold period and increase winter resilience for future years.

Estimations show that on average, a primary school will receive approximately £16,000, a secondary school will get £42,000 and a further education college group will benefit from £290,000.  Improvements could include installing better heating controls, insulation to reduce heat loss from pipes or switching to energy efficient lighting.



Salix Finance 
Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (SEELS)

Salix provides funding for schools and colleges to reduce energy costs through the installation of energy efficiency technologies. The SEELS programme is funded by the Department for Education to help modernise educational organisations by funding energy efficiency improvements.

The funding is provided via an interest-free loan which is paid back through the predicted savings on energy usage. From design, manufacture to delivery, Luceco is committed to excellence in understanding, delivering and managing customers' needs with a broad and experienced Project Management team and support structure, committed to the demands of clients in the education sector. 

Luceco LED Luminaires
Supplied to Salix funded educational establishment projects

Luceco has supplied luminaries to various Salix funded school roll outs, from smaller projects for primary schools to larger educational establishments such as Chester University and Hull College.

Recent Salix funded schools with Harrow Council include Whitchurch Primary, Kenmore Park Junior School and Newton Farm to name just a few. Other educational establishments that we are working with who are in the process of going through the application to receive Salix funding include Whitmore High, St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary, St George’s Catholic Primary School, Pinner Infant School, Shaftesbury High School and Whitchurch Primary Phase 3.

We are also working with other County Councils across the UK, two recent Salix funded educational establishments with Hampshire Council include Ashley Infants and Redlands Primary School.



White painted steel body finished in RAL9016 with micro-prism polycarbonate opal diffusers.

Three body sizes with low and high output options and uniform light distribution. High and low output available with efficacy up to 155-160Llm/cW

Can be surface or suspension mounted with BESA fixing and central cable entry

Benefits of LED Lighting

Reduced Carbon Emissions
LED converts up to 80% of energy into light.  
This both reduces energy costs and dramatically reduces carbon emission.

Cost Effective
The true cost of traditional light sources is not only in its energy consumption. There is also maintenance over its lifetime, replacement lamps and disposal costs. With LED, these costs don’t exist. LED is a Fit-&-Forget solution.

Instant Light, Low Glare & No Flicker
LEDs produce 100% light instantly, with none of the warm up time required by fluorescent. Plus they are free of visible flicker - ideal to help prevent discomfort associated with traditional lighting.

Safe Lighting
LEDs emit minimal Ultra Violet light (UV). UV light attracts insects and can be harmful to skin, clothing and artwork. Heat emissions are greatly reduced with LED, which means they are cool to touch and perfect for heat sensitive applications.


Long Life
The life of LED is between 4 and 40 times greater than traditional products. What’s more, they produce consistent light output over their entire life.


LEDs do not contain a filament that can be damaged by shock and vibration – making LED one of the most stable light sources available.



Luceco Lighting is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality and innovative LED lighting products for a global customer base

Our reputation is based on the reliability and functionality of our innovative products. By offering market leading warranties, technical support, dedicated customer service and marketing backup, we aim to make it easy for customers  to specify and install sustainable lighting.

The teams behind Luceco have over 100 years combined lighting industry experience gained over disciplines such as product design, development, testing and product management.

This enviable expertise coupled with the  group resources mean that Luceco have the knowledge and ability to be at the forefront of LED lighting technology.

Luceco believes that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate.

We are fully committed to improving environmental performance across all of our manufacturing and other  business activities, continually looking for new methods and materials  to provide environmentally friendly solutions

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Our FREE Lighting Design Service

Our expert team are on hand to provide free lighting design solutions for any lighting projects ensuring compliance to the latest British Standards and CIBSE lighting guidelines. We are also on hand to offer specialist advice and knowledge on our extensive product range and applications.

How it works ...

Luceco FREE Lighting Design Service

Gather information required for a lighting design to be created, including drawings or dimensions, specifications and ceiling heights.

Luceco FREE Lighting Design Service

Submit these details to your Area Sales Manager or email:

Luceco FREE Lighting Design Service

Once completed, your lighting design will be emailed out to you, including luminaire part codes and quantities, lighting calculations, and marked up drawings if available.


Luceco utilise the latest lighting design software by Relux, and are able to provide in-depth reports for each of their lighting calculations.

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Our skilled team of lighting designers are fully qualified through the Lighting Industrial Association.

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As well as Luceco's own in-house lighting design service, we are fully supported by our specialist external lighting company who offer a free design service tailored for exterior applications.

Return on Investment

Luceco are also able to produce 'Return of investment' calculations to show potential payback and energy savings for our proposal to clients.


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