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Solar Decathlon Middle East 2020 Heriot-Watt University Project 

S I L V E R   S P O N S O R

Luceco Group Sponsors 'The House of the Future'

Creating a sustainable future in partnership with Team Esteem



Luceco Group is proud to announce it has sponsored Team Esteem from Heriot-Watt University at the 2021 Solar Decathlon Middle East Expo. 

Heriot-Watt University is the only UK university to have secured one of 21 places at Solar Decathlon Middle East 2020 (‘SDME2020’), a global competition for students to design and build a full-size, fully-functioning solar-powered house that showcases innovative thinking, research, design, and manufacturing, particularly from Scotland.

As part of their sponsorship, Luceco Group has provided Team Esteem with a variety of lighting products to facilitate their building project.

SDME2020 is integrated with the 2020 World Expo in Dubai, which is expected to attract an estimated 25 million people between October 2021 and March 2022. The project offers a unique opportunity to build effective connections between students and industry and helps to ensure that the work we do has a real impact, both inside and outside the curriculum.


Heriot-Watt University’s project is being run by a multi-disciplinary student team, Team ESTEEM (an anagram of the six schools at Heriot-Watt University), using SDME2020 to develop their skills, knowledge and experience. 

The Team Esteem group travelled to Dubai in early October. Their aim was to deliver a flexible, zero carbon home that could provide a smart dwelling experience in arid environments.

The Team Esteem house opened to the public during mid-November, at the Decathlon Village at SDME. The Group conducted regularly guided tours around their house, to showcase the latest in energy-saving technologies featured as part of the build. 

“Team ESTEEM has brought together a diverse range of students from all of our academic schools and it’s been fantastic to watch them collaborate.”

Alex MacLaren, Associate Professor of Architecture

team esteem house.jfif


Heriot-Watt University

Team Esteem - Group Shot.jpeg

Team ESTEEM are from Heriot Watt University. 120 students, 5 academic schools, 3 campuses with 1 cohesive vision of building a better world.


Members stem from a broad range of academic disciplines:

  • Architectural Engineering

  • Civil/Structural Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Data Science

  • Marketing & Business Management

  • Urban Planning

  • Construction Project Management


The team are as diverse as they are creative, and it's drawing from this international pool of passion and talent that drives their success.

Solar Decathlon.jpg

The Solar Decathlon is an international competition created by the U.S. Department of Energy, in which universities from all over the world meet to design, build and operate sustainable and high-energy efficiency grid-connected solar-powered houses.  

SDME 2020 embraces the goal of developing and promoting ideas, capacities, and technologies that can be implemented for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Middle East region.

Each project must be a good response to cultural, climatic, and social contexts. All proposals should be focused on solving the issues and needs for sustainable living in this region, where high temperatures, high humidity and dust impact daily lives.


Each build will focus on seven interrelated pillars: Sustainability, Future, Innovation, Clean Energy, Mobility, Smart Solutions, and Happiness.  


With the help of industry partners, Team Esteem are building a full-sized prototype of the house on site at Heriot Watt University’s Edinburgh campus in Spring 2021.

This will become the ‘Showhome’ and a ‘test-bed’ for students, There will be significant social media, mainstream media and web coverage of the various products and innovations being tested.

At the end of summer 2021 an adapted version of the original prototype will be shipped to Dubai for the Solar Decathlon project and World Expo.

The Dubai house has a 14-day construction period in November 2021, so prefabrication and quick, high quality construction is essential!

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CarbonTrust Profile2021 - STRIP.jpg

Carbon Trust


The Carbon Trust is a world-leading organisation helping businesses, governments and the public sector to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy through carbon reduction, energy-saving strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.


As a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier, the Luceco Group joins a market-leading scheme for high quality energy efficient equipment and renewable technology suppliers. It provides independent validation and recognition of a supplier’s skills and services – a much needed and trusted quality standard in a crowded and fast growing market place.


Accredited Suppliers must meet or exceed criteria set by the Carbon Trust, designed to examine their capability to deliver thoughtful, well-designed, energy-efficient and renewable energy systems.

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